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Jones Knowledge Group extends Jones/NCTI's™ nearly 40 years of cable and broadband training excellence into diverse industries including telecom, healthcare, consumer electronics, physical security and call centers.

With a solid foundation and a passion for innovation, we diligently attend to your bottom line while developing the next-generation products and services to keep you ahead of the curve. Our in-house experts and leading industry advisors ensure the quality, relevance, and forethought that your enterprise learning initiatives need to succeed.

Diverse and job-specific content libraries

Jones Knowledge Group maps instructional content to career paths in technical operations, customer service and sales. With certificates, bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs from regionally accredited Jones International University® (JIU®), we offer programs that combine a college education with industry-specific training. Strategic partnerships round out our in-house content with 25,000+ off-the-shelf courseware offerings.

Customized solutions, on time and within budget

Because your competitive edge depends on your company's distinctiveness, a Jones Knowledge Group custom training solution reinforces your unique way of doing business. To achieve your objectives, it is crucial that your employees understand the cultural values that built your company, and the processes that will propel you forward. Our custom courses can be delivered online or face-to-face, via video and or even by paper-based correspondence, to accommodate diverse learning styles and shifting environmental demands. We provide qualified on-site instructors and create train-the-trainer programs for your own instructors.

Technology that enhances learning

Our internally developed online learning platform has enabled both synchronous and asynchronous interaction with students in 144 countries around the globe. We also partner to integrate training content and university courses, certificates and qualification programs with leading Learning Management Systems. In this way, we offer a complete corporate university solution, as well as enhance your existing investments in systems and content. VALT™, our exclusive portfolio of learning methodologies designed to build knowledge mastery and optimize learning success, cuts training time and eliminates the risks of guesswork and confidently held misinformation.

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